Undeniably Gorgeous Literally Yes

Hello humans! I could say I am Nicholas Eichenberger but who am I?? I’m someone with an eye for “different.” I have spent many years creating my aesthetic. Despite the efforts of those, both around me and online, trying to make me conform to social norms and expectations I have always stayed true to who I am. I have never been afraid to create what I want to create and wear what I want to wear, and neither should you! This website is everything essential to that aesthetic.

 My goal is to design everything from clothing to home decor… I am just getting started with the clothing you see here on my website. There is so much more to come and I want all of you to come along for the ride! Many of you know me as a dancer/teacher/choreographer but that is not the only way I feel that I am an artist. The clothing I create is an art form that is also an extension of me. I visualize, create, and edit my clothing pieces in the same way that I have choreographed my dance pieces throughout the years.

You should know that I am not part of a factory or mass production of goods. My products are handmade and customized works of art. I am a one man show!! I truly care about the creation process and want to make pieces that my customers can feel a personal attachment to. Every design has a story; every piece I create is special to me and I hope that they will become special to you as well.

For a long time I've used the word 'ugly' as a one size fits all. It was one of those words to me that could mean so many different things. I realized that 'ugly' always had a negative connotation when people used that word but I was using it to describe things I found a little different... in a beautiful way. "That's actually so ugly" meant... "wow I need that in my life". One day when someone asked me what 'ugly' meant to me, without thinking, I said "Undeniably Gorgeous Literally Yes"... and from there the word 'UGLY' became personal. 

Welcome to The UGLY Aesthetics!